Juanita Maud Headley
Founder and CEO of Changing Cases.
Licensed NY attorney.

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Mission with a Vision

Thailand 2009 – 3.5 months – Teaching English

My first volunteer trip abroad was one of the most challenging experiences of my life, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I taught English in Buriram and Chiang Mai to children of all ages from the local orphanage. I also had the privilege of living with host families where over time I learnt to embrace sleeping on the floor and showering with a bucket. Although I suffered culture shock, and at times wanted to return home, I stuck it out for the 3.5 months.

Japan 2011 – 8 weeks – Tsunami Relief Work

I spent 8 weeks as a disaster relief worker with All Hands Volunteer. This involved demolishing a home, cleaning furniture, insulating walls and floorboards, digging tsunami mud from the street drains, and weeding the park. It was very labour intensive work but incredibly rewarding. This trip was simply amazing, I fell in love with the Japanese people and the language and intend to return one day.

Staten Island 2013 – 6 days – Hurricane Sandy Relief Work

Over the course of two weekends I helped reconstruct the walls of two homes and a community centre. I measured and cut insulation before filling the walls and securing with sheetrock. Floors had to be stripped, swept and cleaned and the homes made liveable in just 2 weekends. With hard work and team coordination we met our deadline. This experience was reminiscent of my Japan trip, the great sense of community.

Philippines 2015 – 6 weeks – Anti Sex Trafficking Work

I visited children who were in juvenile jails, orphanages, and those who lived on dump sites. I played games and sport activities with them, we read books together, I threw my birthday party giving the children gifts. My heart broke to read of countless cases of child sexual abuse and commercial exploitation.
This was a life transforming trip that turned my entire career plans on its head and gave me a new vision – to eventually return and set up life there.

India TBA

  • Slum work
  • Anti sex trafficking
  • Anti prostitution