Juanita Maud Headley
Founder and CEO of Changing Cases.
Licensed NY attorney.

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Ever seen the following words, do they look familiar?


If the answer is no, I have some good news for you, since Juanita is not a personal injury lawyer, but a consumer protection attorney.

What Is The Difference?

It is simple. Personal injury is just that – personal injury; whilst consumer protection is everything that concerns you, the consumer.

  • Have you ever bought a phone, laptop or other electronic item that became faulty within a matter of months or even years?
  • Have you ever been overcharged by your bank or credit card company?
  • Have you been delayed on the train, bus or plane?
  • Have you ever received terrible service in a store, had food poisoning or found a foreign object in your food or drink?

The list is endless but the common theme is that with a letter or two or three, written by Juanita, something will be done.

Although she cannot guarantee you previous results including £600 compensation from a major high street bank, £600 reimbursement for a four year old laptop, free cinema tickets, and airline vouchers to the Caribbean. She can guarantee that for just £5 – £10/$7.50 – $12.50 for an initial first letter and 10% of any compensation awarded she will get you results.

Since no issue is too small to be “professionally addressed”, contact Juanita right away on: +44 (0) 74 94 20 27 27 / +1 929 285 8060 or e-mail her at juanita.headley@changingcases.com