Juanita Maud Headley
Founder and CEO of Changing Cases.
Licensed NY attorney.

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Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake and Vegan Chocolate Croissants coming soon….


Why Changing Cases?

Changing cases is the innovative vegan pastry company that incorporates law and cakes, yep that’s right. No more law and order, from now on it’s law and cakes.

As a former Swiss trained chef and now as a licensed NY attorney, Juanita intends to meet both your eating and legal needs.

The Face Behind Changing Cases

British Born to Jamaican parents, Juanita Maud Headley has been an avid lover of food spending much of her time in the kitchen. From the age of 10 if she wasn’t helping her family cook, she was writing letters of complaint to companies and manufacturers of food.

Hence the merging of the two because not only does Juanita bake vegan cakes and pastries, but she also “professionally addresses issues”, in other words she’s a professional complainer aka a consumer protection attorney.

Let’s Start At The Beginning

Juanita’s journey was slightly different from your average individual because instead of taking the conventional academic route, at the age of 16 she headed off to catering college. Less than two years later, a few months shy of her 18th birthday she relocated to Switzerland where she completed an International Hospitality Management Diploma at the Institute Hotelier Cesar Ritz. Refusing to to allow her French linguistic abilities to hold her back, Juanita successfully completed a trainee program as a chef at the United Nations in Geneva.

Fast forwarding a few years, she returned to the UK, enrolling as a student at Teesside University, with a vision of following in Gil Grissom’s aka William Peterson’s footsteps and becoming a CSI. Three years later, having discovered a passion for criminal law, she enrolled on the bachelors of law program from which she later graduated with a second-class honours, upper division; magna cum laude.

But the story doesn’t end there because she was off again, this time to NY, where she qualified as a licensed attorney. She is currently still in between countries, living in both NY and London but with a view to semi-permanently relocate to the United States.

She currently has a goal and vision, and that goal is to fundraise £3000 for a volunteer trip to India. So if you take up your cake or croissant and eat it, you’ll enable her dream to become a reality.

Of course there is a catch, the cakes aren’t free. What they are however is free from:

  • Eggs;
  • Dairy;
  • Animal products.

So What Is The Vision For Changing Cases?

The long term goal of Changing Case is to become a non-profit organisation, when instead of giving away 90% of profit, ALL funds will be poured back into the indigent Filipino community. Homes and orphanages will be built and lives will be changed one Filipino child at a time.

In the meanwhile Juanita will continue working as a NY attorney helping and empowering consumers to “professionally address” issues.